The Custom Furniture Process

1: Contact us with your idea

You tell us in as much detail as possible what you are after. Images of similar items are always helpful as they give us a good idea of the direction to focus on. Rough measurements are very helpful.

This can sometimes require a site visit, but a rough estimate is generally given first to make sure the project is in the right ballpark.

2: The design is discussed and Finalised

The design is worked out in detail, such as type of timber to be used, hardware used (if any), finishing, such as varnish, stain, oil, paint. We’ll send though detailed sketches and sometimes a 3D model.

A price is worked out and accepted. Then a deposit is made and we move on to the next step.

3: We start the Build Process

Once everything is finalised we get to building. This process can take anywhere from two weeks to two months depending on the complexity of the piece and our current workload, we’ll let you know before payment is made.

Once the piece is completed a delivery timeframe is organised and delivery is made. You be given care instructions and we can help with instalment if required.